Our founder, Mr. N V Patel had a vision in 1959 to bring quality schoolwear to every Zimbabwean child. He started off in a small shop at 64 Leopold Takawira St, supplying his first uniform to Harare High School. By 1964, in order to ensure a consistent and reliable supply of uniforms, the company resolved to start a manufacturing unit. The factory produced high quality uniforms with proven durability and a constant supply of high grade uniforms was available through the company retail outlet.

By the time Zimbabwe attained its independence, Enbee had captured the bulk of the school wear market. Mr. Kirit Patel, the current Managing Director, joined the company in 1986 after returning back from his studies in the United States. He has been responsible for transforming the company from a single retail outlet into a nationwide chain. Today, Enbee is the largest supplier of school wear in Zimbabwe with 22 stores nationwide and its own manufacturing plant. We have a staff compliment of 400.